• What services does AxeVPN Provide?

For a single low monthly subscription payment, AxeVPN provides 3 (three) Data Security services:

  1. VPN
  2. Secure Email
  3. Secure Cloud Storage

  • Can I buy any of the 3 Services listed above separately?

No, all three services are included in the same low subscription payment. BUT, no single service requires the others in order to work. If you only want to only use the secure Cloud Storage, then only use that part of the service. The same applies to the VPN and the Email services.

  • Why don't you give more free storage space?

The giant corporations offering huge free storage space obtain revenue from your data in other ways which are generally not favorable to your privacy! Read news stories of companies scanning all data as it gets uploaded etc. Our service is designed for people who are looking for privacy. We have priced the service to be approximately $5 per month (depending on the exchange rate - all transactions are conducted in ZAR South African Rand), and your data is stored securely and privately in South Africa, not in other less privacy-concerned jurisdictions.

  • Who does your credit card processing?

Your credit card data is used only by Payfast, a trusted South African payment gateway – it is never captured or stored on our servers. Payfast utilise 3D-secure and Extended Validation SSL with 2048-bit encryption. The highest level of encryption currently available.

  • Geo-blocking of live-streaming sports  and other programming.

The largest media companies in the world spend billions of dollars annually deploying systems and services to prevent their programs being shown "live" in non-authorized regions. This is called geo-blocking and it is based on IP address location. Many of our competitors tout their services to defeat those blocks. We do not represent that our services are designed or able to defeat geo-blocking of live streamed geo-blocked events and media. Our service is specifically designed for people who are wanting secure and reliable privacy in their communications and their data stored in our email and cloud storage services.

  • Why do I need to register on your site?

In order for us to process your subscription and pass the necessary information on to our payment processor that allows them to initiate a transaction for you, we need to know who you are. This also allows us to generate the necessary credentials for you to use our site and the AxeVPN services. While we may keep records of you as our customer, we do not keep records of what activities your are performing via or through our services. We need to simply be able to identify you as a legitimate customer who has actually paid for the services you wish to access.

  • Do you sell my registration details?

No - Never.

  • Can I share my certificates with other people

No - if our systems pick up any abnormal connection activity from a connection certificate set, we will suspend access to our systems for that certificate set, investigate the activity, and even ban a user who is sharing their certificates with others. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Do you store (or intend to store in the future) any of my data in the USA or Europe?


  • Will you spam my email box with undesired and irritating spam emails daily?


  • Will you scan my communications, or perform searches for data to sell to 3rd Parties?

No - AxeVPN seeks to create a space where people can use the Internet free from omni-present and unscrupulous big-data operators who wish to mine your every activity for profit or some other type of pay-off.

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