About Us

We looked at the Data Security industry and realized that the way in which customers were being charged was all wrong. Existing service providers with very high overheads try to front-load the billing in exchange for promises of service thereafter for long periods; service you may or may not need long term. In addition, clients cannot even be certain that the service provider will be in business "tomorrow", let alone next year.

Our customers only pay a small monthly fee and can cancel at any time.

Our customers are not locked into paying huge sums upfront, and only ever have the previous months payment at risk.

Our pricing month to month is similar or less than what our competitors only offer in exchange for long-term signups paid in full upfront!

We make our service even more valuable, by giving a free e-mail account *with storage* AND a  cloud storage account *with storage* to all subscribers of our VPN service, using our mailmaxe.com and maxecloud.com domains!

This e-mail account ensures encrypted communications between your systems and our servers using industry standard encryption protocols.

Your email is "Encrypted at Rest" on our servers meaning that your mail messages are private and secure.

Your e-mail account provides various additional features to enhance your privacy.

Your data in our cloud storage servers is "Encrypted at Rest" on our servers meaning that your data is private and secure.

Our service is based in South Africa, which has strong and favorable policies towards data security and privacy. 

AxeVPN is licensed as an authorized "Cryptography Provider" by the South African Authorities; this means that we are free to operate, under the laws of South Africa, which allow us to maintain our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy which protects our clients so well.

Our network is growing and as we gain more subscribers we will add new services and servers.