Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service, and contains the rules applicable to privacy of all information submitted by you and then collected by us in accessing or installing any AxeVPN Service (VPN, Email, or Cloud).

We operate under the jurisdiction of South Africa which controls our legal policies and allows us to maintain a no logs policy. We collect and process only the user data which is necessary to maintain our processes, process your payments and provide the services to you.

Use of AxeVPN website in any way, submission of your personal data to AxeVPN, and installing and/or use of the AxeVPN Services confirms that you have read this Privacy Policy and that you enter into a legally binding relationship with AxeVPN (referred to as “AxeVPN” or “us” or “we” throughout this policy document), and that you agree to, and agree to be bound by, this Privacy Policy. If you are not in agreement with the rules of this Privacy Policy, you should not use AxeVPN Services.

Processing of your personal data

To the extent possible AxeVPN only uses 3rd parties to process payment information, and possibly provide application and website analytics. In order to provide services and information, AxeVPN processes user data in a limited way – to the extent that it is needed to provide Services, process payments, and provide smooth functioning of and client applications.

Personal data is generally processed by AxeVPN automatically but it may also be processed manually. AxeVPN will act as the responsible personal data controller unless this task is delegated to an in-country subsidiary, or where we hand off data processing to a 3rd party such as a payment processor and have no control over the subsequent data exchange.

Client to services-provider interactions with AxeVPN Services are in general managed by an automated technical process. AxeVPN provides a highly encrypted communications channel between your computer and the AxeVPN server from the time that a connection is established by you via your local client software application until the time that you disconnect that service. Details of these communications are not passed to any third party, recorded, monitored, or stored.

All the software we use is Open Source public domain software, and to our knowledge (and in the public knowledge of the vast expert community which maintains and updates this software) all communications encrypted by this software are secure against “hacking”. We cannot (and nobody else can) guarantee that some unknown or secret or advanced decryption process or technology does not exist, which can decipher the live stream of encrypted data passing between your client and our server.

In spite of the claims of other services, the presence of all raw data streams, whether encrypted or not, are visible to any communications device or link provider, or ISP, at any point of the path of the encrypted data between your client and the server. To our knowledge, no current technology or process exists to decipher the encrypted data stream between your client and our server, but this in itself does not mean that such technology or process does not currently, or will not in the future, exist.

Once your internet communications arrive at our server, our server will simply route (acting like a switch) your data to the destination you have specified, be that any internet destination such as a website, or any other internet service. The target website or internet service will see the IP address of our server as the source of the communication.

If you use our Mailmaxe email system or our Maxecloud Cloud Storage system, you may store data on our servers up to the storage limits which are allocated to you (currently 200mb for email and 1GB for Cloud Storage). To protect your communications, not only is the communication stream transmission encrypted between your client and our server, but the contents of your data folders on our servers are encrypted as well. While we at AxeVPN have access to your user storage folders on our servers not even we can decrypt the contents thereof. You and you alone are responsible for the preservation of the passwords to your private data in your user folders on the servers.

Depending on the software running on your client, the applications you are using may not be compatible with the communications protocol used for our encrypted communications which is UDP over Internet Protocol version 4 (UDP over IPv4). It is your responsibility to ensure that your client is configured correctly to ensure that your intended encrypted applications run over the encrypted link. Once you activate the client-side software on your own device, in general, normal browsing activities using a browser will automatically use the encrypted link.

If you wish to subscribe to AxeVPN services you will need to create a user account, and provide information. This information must be current, accurate and truthful. In addition you authorize us to verify your information at any time. If your data is found to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we retain the right to suspend or terminate your user account and your access to AxeVPN (or Mailmaxe) Services at our sole discretion. Information to be provided:

    Your Email address. We require that you provide a valid email address to be able to send you service details, retrieve lost account passwords, and communicate with you in general.

    Age Declaration. We require that all users of our services be at least 18 years of age (see below), and that they affirm such when they sign up for the Service.

    Your Payment data. Our payment processing partners require your basic information in order to successfully process your subscription payment, and in the event of any refund requests.

AxeVPN processes limited technical information to maintain the service in a stable and working manner, which may be considered personal data.

In general terms we apply the following guidelines to how we interact with you:

       We will collect Customer Service information such as inquiries and communications with users through the Contact Us section.

We will monitor Server performance information in general or specific ways so that we provide a user friendly service to our customers.

       We strive not to use cookies. In line with our philosophy of providing a private internet experience, we have foregone the use of Cookies except where such are required to ensure normal functioning of a browser. 

Acceptable and allowed Age for use of AxeVPN services

No Person younger than 18 years old is permitted to use AxeVPN Services. No profile of any user under the age of 18 years shall be accepted, and any profile discovered by us to be of such a person will be immediately deactivated on the site, and all privileges for the use of AxeVPN services for that account will be revoked.

Data processing

We process your personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing you with AxeVPN services in accordance with the terms and conditions in the Terms of Service contract between you and AxeVPN.

AxeVPN may contact you by e-mail to inform you of relevant technical changes to the service, inform you of new services offered by AxeVPN, or any other reason deemed necessary by AxeVPN. We will never share your personal data with any 3rd Party or affiliate, or arbitrarily hand over your personal data to any other person or entity.

Protection of your personal data and your rights associated

We have outlined the areas where we collect personal data. You are entitled to query us as to what personal data we have collected on you, and you have the right to request that we delete such data. We will at all times attempt to immediately act upon your instructions. In the event of a request to delete personal data we will delete that personal data as soon as we are able to, taking into account the statutory requirements of personal data retention of the Republic of South Africa and technical limitations on deleting personal data (for instance where our databases are backed up and exist in many iterations from many time periods). Your personal data may only finally be fully purged from our systems after 2 years.

If you disagree with AxeVPN personal data-handling policies, you should not sign up for the service. If you do sign up and then no longer agree with the personal data handling policy and if you wish to have your personal data deleted, you will not be able to continue using the service. In that case we will only use your personal data to achieve final service termination including the final accounting applied to your account such as the generation of invoices and the processing of refunds, and the termination of the account.

Other Terms

Your data is processed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of South Africa. If the data is processed by a designated subsidiary in your country, then the domestic law of your country may be applicable at our discretion or even statutorily in that country.

You are solely responsible for the security of your data. AxeVPN cannot guarantee the security of your personal devices and the data you personally store on it. You should never share any of your personal information such as described above, or the technical authorizations which AxeVPN provides you with to access its services. Doing so may lead to serious consequences including identity theft, theft under false pretenses, and fraud committed in your name.

While AxeVPN uses various security techniques to maintain the integrity of its services, it is your responsibility to apply the utmost caution and prudence when using AxeVPN Services. You will be personally liable if any action you take using AxeVPN services violates anyone else’s rights, privacy or the laws of any country. AxeVPN provides a service designed to protect your lawful communications from illegal intrusion, not facilitate unlawful and/ or willful and/or negligent activities which violate applicable laws or third party rights, or facilitate any other harmful scenario which might not be foreseen.

AxeVPN may update or alter this Privacy Policy at any time, at our sole discretion, for any or no specific reason, and without liability - please remain familiar with the most current wording. We may notify you by email of any change to the Privacy Policy by sending an email and/or by publishing the updated Privacy Policy on the AxeVPN website. The current Privacy Policy will come into force immediately from when it is published on the AxeVPN website .

No rights or obligations under this Privacy Policy may be transferred or assigned to any 3rd party.

Please address any questions or concerns about the Privacy policy by sending an e-mail to